Should policies be more gender sensitive?

Does a feminist lens to evaluation lead to better policies ...and, more importantly, OUTCOMES

Evaluation is a tool to bring greater sensitivity to gendered outcomes of policies/ programmes. A gendered analysis, using 'hard' data as well as field work based studies, can generate evidence that could influence the programme. A feminist lens can form part of the different approaches to evaluation. Feminist approaches to evaluation seek to unpack the nature of gender and social inequalities.

The project 'Engendering Policy through Evaluation: Uncovering exclusion, challenging inequities' (2011-15), led by the Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi and supported by IDRC, Canada and the Ford Foundation, aimed to strengthen the understanding of the gendered implications of policies and programmes to enable the formulation of more gender sensitive approaches to policies. Over the course of four years, the project aimed to build capacity as well as the field of feminist evaluation in the country, and so influence policy. 

The website holds some of the resources and training material developed under the project. It also provides links to other sites/ resources on feminist approaches to evaluation, with a focus on India/South Asia. 


The Programme is supported by International Development Research Centre, Canada and Ford Foundation

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